About us

HistoryFounder & Owner

US BASED Since 2018

Inspired by the vineyards and landscapes from Mendoza (Argentina), we asked ourselves in 2010 why we would not fuse these two pleasures that we so much enjoyed as consumers. Thus, after two years of development in our home kitchen and also inviting our foodie friends over, we finally found the right filling that enabled our dream to be fulfilled. After that we created the brand designed the packaging and started production in a onebedroom apartment, until sales started to pick up and we needed a bigger place that would and could eventually become our factory. In 2014 we moved into our lab in Ciudad Jardín (NW suburbs of BA).

In 2016 we won the international chocolate awards silver medal in new york with our iconic Milk chocolate with malbec filling and in 2017 we won a bronce medal with our sweet malbec bonbons with dark chocolate.

In 2018 we made our first steps in the US market and we are continue developing this amazing country.

We yearly produce and create new products which stand out for the experiences and their uniqueness.

Our products are hand-crafted with Belgian chocolate and the most refined varietals and fillings.